Visualizing Luxury: Oceano Puerto Rico

The Project

The Oceano project, conceived by WGPitts, was designed to stand out as a jewel on the crown of Puerto Rico’s real estate landscape. The project featured an array of luxury amenities, including three private villas, 18 guest houses each with a single-car garage, and a six-storey hotel boasting top-of-the-line suites. Not stopping there, Oceano’s design offered an extravagant lifestyle with an array of communal areas. A rooftop garden provided panoramic views of the beach, while a swimming pool with spa offered an escape into serenity. Beach amenities such as a children’s playground, beach volleyball court, hammock area, and pocket gardens added an extra layer of opulence.

The architectural design of the Oceano project was a reflection of tasteful luxury. The buildings bore a tropical-modern architectural style, subtly infused with Spanish Colonial elements to blend with nearby structures and add to its luxurious theme. Attention to detail was evident in the interiors, characterized by intricate mouldings, high ceilings, and expansive windows, designed to bathe each room in an abundance of natural light. The grandeur of the project was amplified by the provision of golf cart garages, catering to a nearby golf resort, solidifying Oceano as a landmark of luxury.

Oceano was envisioned not merely as a resort but as a sanctuary of luxury, a retreat where guests could experience the glamour of a rockstar lifestyle amidst the beauty of Puerto Rico’s landscape. With its unique blend of architectural beauty, luxury amenities, and carefully designed interiors, the Oceano project was a testament to WGPitts’ vision of creating an unparalleled experience of opulence and relaxation. It was a promise of a world-class luxury experience, expertly crafted to cater to the discerning taste of its guests, offering them a piece of paradise on Earth.

What we did?

At VSN Interactive, our task was to transform WGPitts’ grand vision for the Oceano project into a detailed and immersive 3D CGI and animation video. Initially, we dove deep into the project, collaborating with WGPitts to understand every aspect of the design and the desired guest experience. Equipped with this understanding, our CGI artists set about crafting a true-to-life 3D model of the project, capturing every detail from the blended tropical-modern and Spanish Colonial architecture to the intricate, luxurious interiors. Once the 3D model was complete, we leveraged it to create an animation video providing a virtual tour of the entire resort. This immersive video transported viewers through the private villas, guest houses, and opulent suites within the hotel, allowing them to experience the serene lifestyle offered by the resort’s communal areas, including the panoramic rooftop garden, the spa and pool, and the beachfront amenities. By using our expertise in 3D CGI and animation, we brought Oceano to life, giving potential investors and guests a glimpse of the opulence, elegance, and unique appeal of the project before construction even commenced.

Our Role

At VSN Interactive, we transformed WGPitts’ vision for the Oceano project into a lifelike 3D CGI model and an immersive animation video, meticulously capturing the architectural sophistication and luxury of the resort. Our work enabled potential investors and guests to experience the project’s grandeur and unique appeal virtually, even before construction commenced.

What our client had to say


Successfully encapsulating and conveying our clients’ grand visions for their projects in a compelling and understandable manner is a challenge we will take every time. 

Modeling the intricate details of Oceano's tropical-modern and Spanish Colonial architectural design accurately in the 3D CGI model presented a significant challenge.

Crafting an animation video to provide a lifelike, immersive virtual tour of the entire resort, while maintaining the scale, texture, and ambiance of each area, was a notable hurdle.

The project entailed extensive collaboration with the overseas architect, requiring precise coordination across different time zones to ensure the CGI model and animation video faithfully captured the architect's vision.


To tackle the challenges, we leveraged our extensive experience in CGI and animation and implemented rigorous coordination strategies. Our solution was anchored in meticulous attention to detail, innovative use of technology, and efficient collaboration.

Exterior View

Interior View

Floor plans

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